Rules & Regulations
The Academic Session spans from July to June every year
A student may be expelled from the college due to participation in ragging activities, irregular attendance,

Any willful damage done to any property of the college will be remedied by the concerned parent/guardian.

No parent shall offer any gift or gratification to any member of staff.
College authorities are in no way responsible for the loss of any item brought by the student in the campus.

Failure to pass the examination may result in expulsion of the student from the college . However, the management can exercise its discretionary power to re admit the unsuccessful student to the same class in the next academic session as a special case.

Parents/Guardians are not allowed to see their wards during the class hours without prior permission of the principal.

Discipline and decent behavior are given due importance . Every student is expected to obey the faculty and follow the rules and regulations set by the college.

Use of profane words, insulting language or immoral behavior will be considered a serious offence that can amount to the student's expulsion from the college.

Unauthorized absence from the college shall be considered as a serious misconduct and strong disciplinary action shall be taken against the defaulting student.

Special Instruction

Students are required  to adhere to the  rules framed by the college from time to time and general application of rules framed by H.N.B. Garwal University and the Government which are applicable to all the students . Violation of such rules and regulation shall render them liable for disciplinary action.

Students are required to follow the rules and regulations framed for attending the classes regularly and complete the formalities.75% attendance is mandatory for students to appear in the examination.

Normal expectation from the students are...

They must be appropriately dressed.
They must maintain decorum during college  hours.
They must be respectful to seniors , courteous to equals and kind to juniors.
They must maintain dignity while communicating with their seniors and others.

Absence from the college for six or more working days without assigning any valid reason will render them liable to be struck off the college rolls & they will have to pay penalty as applicable from time to time.

Any willful loss or damage to the college property will be made good by the defaulter in addition to disciplinary action.

We also expect you to..
  1. Be appropriately dressed at all the times, whether in college premises or visiting law courts for practical training.

  2. Maintain dignity and decorum of the college at all times
  3. Use the library facilities in your  spare time, instead of wasting time




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