Chairman's Message

Libra College of Law is dedicated to the cause of Quality Education, including all round Personality Development of the students. We shall endeavor to churn out students who will achieve excellence in their chosen fields, be it the Courts of Law, the Corporate World, Judiciary or any of the umpteen avenues open to ambitious Law Graduates.

We also imbibe in our students such values like Honesty, Discipline, Loyalty, Devotion, Dedication, and so on so that they can become better and useful Citizen, and if we become better and law abiding Citizen, there would be no Crime.

We expect some of the students to occupy the esteemed and coveted chairs of the Judiciary by character – building traits and qualities, we will endeavor to imbibe in them the Character, the Analytical Mind and Courage to dispense Justice without fear and delay, for we know that “Justice delayed is Justice denied” and also that ‘Justice’ should not only be done but it should appear to have been done.

May God bless you.

Mr. Rajendra Rajpal




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